Week 7, Day 1

I woke up yesterday morning and knew I had to go running. Only one problem – on and off thunderstorms all day. Now that I have been running outside in my neighborhood and in public parks, I have a great dislike for running on a treadmill. You don’t go anywhere! What is the point?

So I was talking to my friend that morning (#2 – She’s a great motivator) and she suggested that I go to the gym but run on the indoor basketball court. That way I am at least able to move as though I was outdoors. Brilliant! The only issue is that there is a huge clock and scoreboard on the wall so I can tell exactly how long I have run and how long I have left. I found myself watching the clock a little too long.

By the way, I found a water bottle that works for me! It’s the Ultimate Direction FastDraw Plus Water Bottle. I found it at a local running store for about $15. It has a pouch for my keys and a rubber top that is easy to open while running. I can also close it easily. I can put it on my hand and run without a death grip. It tightens easily and isn’t too bulky to run with, even when it’s full. Just an idea for those of you who also don’t like running with a fanny pack or belt.

I found the Bridge to 10k Training Plan today. I’m going to buy the app when I finish this plan on my birthday!

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